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St. Thomas Development
8153B Lincoln Way West
St. Thomas, PA 17252

(717) 369-3030
(717) 369-3099 (fax)

About St. Thomas Development

The St. Thomas Development Company, located on Old Lincoln Highway (Rte. 30) just west of I-81 and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, has been in operation for three years.  Producing aggregates for PennDOT, commercial and residential projects, this quarry offers a wide range of products from ¼” anti-skid to R-8 rip-rap material.  Our high calcium content stone is ideal for cement production and power plant scrubbing material.

Just minutes from Maryland and West Virginia, this facility is easily accessible to your next project.

Sales Representative

To speak with a sales representative, call 717-369-3030 during business hours.

Orders for Material/Truck Rental



- AASHTO #1 (#4 Ballast)
- AASHTO #8 (1B)
- AASHTO #57 (2B)
- AASHTO #10 (Screenings)
- AASHTO #56
- AASHTO #67
- 2A Material
- 2RC Subbase
- Shot Rock
- Rip Rap (Special Order Required)
- Anti-Skid

Other types of stone may be available or produced per your requirements.

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